How to lose weight is an inevitable question that comes in almost every second person´s mind in the world, especially in India which is soon turning out to be the obesity capital of the world. There are several answers to this question though, especially on the internet that suggests numerous ways to lose weight. Some of them are ridiculously portrayed as the best solution for obesity ranging from ‘Lose weight by just drinking this tea or a protein shake´ to ‘Do nothing but sit on this chair for 30 mins to lose weight´. Seriously? If it is that simple and effortless, we should only find chic women and paunch-less men on the streets walking around like models on the ramp.

The next big question in Weight Loss is “Is gymming the best solution for weight loss”. The answer is no. A study says you should run for 77 hours a day to burn all the excess calories you consumed the previous day. Most certainly, Gym is not the best way to lose weight. So what is?

Dieting!! If you want to shed those extra kilos, you should be dieting. Now that becomes tricky again with more questions.

What is dieting? Dieting is definitely not starving. Dieting is to eat the right quantity, quality and at right times. A balanced diet brings about good weight loss and improves your health.

What type of diet? Internet throws hundreds of answers to this question like GM diet, fruit diet, zone diet, dukan diet, south beach diet to name a few. These are all diets that you should be staying away from. We say that for a reason that they are not balanced most of the times especially when found from unprofessional sources like from the web or a friend.

To lose weight healthy and naturally, we strongly recommend meeting a dietician who will be able to design a tailor made diet chart based on your ethnicity, body type, medical history, current medical conditions, medical complications you are prone to, life style, allergies, eating pattern and trust us there are much more to the list.

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