Personal Training for Women 

Women, who come to us for weight loss; sometimes with PCOD or Hypothyroidism or diabetes or a combination of all of these; want us to help them in all possible ways. Losing weight for women is more challenging than men due to many complications that they catch as part of their growing up process. Gymming is definitely not the solution for weight loss of women and even men for that matter. While they diet with us and see great results, they also want to look fitter. We dont put them onto a gym but we put them on a personal training regimen.

We have personal training spaces for women in our clinics where they can choose a time slot of their convenience. A personal trainer will be allocated to make sure they are able to work out in an exclusive space for them with all the attention of the trainer only for themselves. This enhances their fitness level and looks as they are already losing weight through diet and look chic.

Call us or write to us to know how this works.