Time Innovative Diet Conventional Diet Key Nutrients
On Waking Lemon water (Warm) Warm Water+ Turmeric Vitamin C
Breakfast Drumstick Leaves Pesarattu

Tomato Chutney


Vegetable Idly

Drumstick Sambar / Chicken gravy/ fish gravy


Carbohydrate, Protein And Calcium, Antioxidants, Vitamin- C, Iron
Mid Morning Tender Coconut Water


Tender Coconut Water


Carbohydrate, Electrolytes And Minerals Essential Fatty Acids And Fiber
Lunch Broken Wheat Pulao With Vegetable And Meal Maker

Palak Paneer/ Tawa Mint Fish

Cucumber And Carrot Raitha

Brown rice

Drumstick Sambar/ Chicken gravy/ Fish gravy

Cabbage poriyal

Cucumber and curd/ Mixed bean and carrot salad

Carbohydrate, Protein, Vitamins And Minerals, Fiber
Evening Tea/ Coffee Without Sugar

Boiled Ground Nut ( 5 Tsp) Shredded Carrot / Raw Mango And Lime Juice/ Puffed Wheat

Tea/ Coffee Without Sugar

Sprouted / Boiled Green Gram Sundal

Carbohydrate And Proteins, Calcium

Note : 

The free weight loss diet plan given below is just an illustration and not for following without a nutritionist’s guidance. Wootu Nutrition always promotes customised diet plans for every individual as one diet plan does not suit everyone and on dietary terms it is not recommended also. If you want to follow a weight reduction diet, please contact our nutritionists here who will help you get a tailor made diet chart designed for you considering your anthropometric, bio-chemical, clinical and dietary patterns including your likes, dislikes, allergies etc.


  • Complex Carbohydrates like Brown rice, Red Rice, Whole Wheat, Corn and Millets Like pearl millet, Ragi, Italian Millet, Samai, Sanwa millet and Varagu. Consume two different cereals per day
  • Pulses and Legumes: Include Pulses like Green Gram Dhal, Red Gram Dhal, Bengal Gram Dhal, Black Gram Dhal, Lentils for two meals a day and legumes likes Rajma, Cowpea, Chickpea, Soyabean, Moth Beans for at least one meal or as a Snack
  • Green leafy vegetables like Spinach, Amaranth, Siru keerai, Colacasia Leaves, Coriander, Curry leaves, Drumstick Leaves, Gogu, Mint, Cabbage, Mustard leaves, Paruppukeerai, Ponangani, Radish leaves, Fenugreek leaves . Include any of these for four times a week
  • Fibrous vegetables like Broad beans, Cluster Beans, Long beans, Plaintain Stem, Kovaikai (Ivy Gourd), Brinjal and water vegetables like Pumpkin, Cucumber, Bottle gourd, Ridge gourd etc for two meals in a day
  • Upto 400 ml of low fat milk either as Milk, Curd, Paneer or Cheese
  • Guava, Orange, Jamun, Pomegranate, Apple, Lime, Melons, Lemons
  • Locally available fish for weekly thrice
  • Lean meats like Country Chicken, Quail etc and Eggs upto 3- 4 whole eggs per week
  • 4- 5 teaspoon of cold pressed oil each day

Foods to Avoid

  • Processed Foods like Noodles, Pasta, Bread, Cereal Flakes, Instant oats
  • White rice and Maida based foods like Cookies, White bread, Naan, Kulcha, Parota, Roumali roti, Ravai, Semiya
  • Salty foods like Pickle, Papads, Processed Foods, Salty Snacks, MSG, Sauce, Vathal, Vadam
  • Sweets, Chocolates, Smoothies and Cold coffee
  • Tubers like Potato, Yam, Colacasia and Starchy Foods like Raw Banana
  • Deep fried foods like Bajji, Vada, Bonda, Namkeen, Khakra, Sev
  • Full fat milk and milk products
  • Banana, Custard Apple, Chikku, Grapes, Jack Fruit
  • Fruit juices, Carbonated beverages and soft drinks
  • Imported fish like Basha
  • Red Meats like Mutton, Beef and Pork , Fried meats
  • Refined Vegetable Oil