Wootu Diet Food Delivery in Chennai

Diet conscious people are on the raise and so is the need for diet food in Chennai. There are thousands of people who look for a place who will provide the diet food delivery in Chennai. The search ends here with Wootu Nutrition.

Wootu Nutrition provides diet food delivery in Chennai on a monthly subscription. We serve multiple diet types including paleo diet food. Paleo food delivery in Chennai is again on a monthly subscription. Wootu is not a restaurant but it is a diet clinic with qualified dietitians in the team who will design your diet and we start delivering that design as food to your door step everyday.

So, single piece meal is not available. This is for persons like you who is serious about reaching a health goal like weight loss, diabetes etc who is looking for a solution to the conditions. Diet food delivery is done for all 3 meals in a day throughout the month and the results are tracked.

Don’t worry about the taste. Our customers enjoy this finger licking vegetarian and non veg diet food delivery from Wootu.

So next time when you are looking for a diet food delivery, paleo food delivery or keto food delivery in Chennai, remember we are right here in your neighbourhood. We bring the expertise right to your locality in Chennai that other so called healthy food delivery companies can never do. Because, they are not dietitians, but we are

Diet Food Subscription

Do you have the interest and desire to lose weight but you don’t have the means to cook your diet food? Leave your worry here. You are at a one stop solution for all dietary needs. This is how diet food subscription works.

How it works

Get a customized diet plan from our expert nutritionist for a monthly subscription The designed diet plan will be cooked and delivered at your place throughout the month on all weekdays Eat the diet food; get healthy and track results on a monthly basis with the dietitian


  • Do I get to choose my meals?

    Partially yes. Our dietitian decides what you should eat depending on your health goal but she will accommodate your specific requests to food items as much as she can. But remember, dietitian has the final say as she knows what you should eat to reach your goal

  • Do you accommodate specific diets or allergies?

    Yes, during the counselling session and designing the diet plan, your dietitian will take into account your allergies and conditions. Your diet plan will be designed to cater to your requirements. Type of the diet will be decided by the dietitian and will be discussed and concurred with you before the food delivery starts

  • Are my meals freshly cooked?

    Absolutely. No stored, processed or frozen foods. We are Indians who like freshly cooked foods and hence we deliver fresh food cooked few minutes before delivery. There’s more. We use best cooking practices including types of vegetables, ingredients, amount of oil, salt, sugar and even type of utensils for best results

  • Where and when do you deliver?

    For home orders, we deliver at your home and for corporate orders we deliver at your work place all 3 meals at the same place.

  • Do you provide diet meals only on monthly subscriptions?

    Yes. Food subscriptions are done only on monthly and quarterly subscriptions. We don’t take daily orders. We are not a restaurant. We are dieticians and we provide nutrition to reach health goals.

  • What should I eat on the weekends?

    During the designing of the diet plan, your dietitian tells you what you should be eating and what you should be avoiding on the weekends to maximize the results. Remember to follow them. No cheating.

  • Can I cancel the meal for specific days/times?

    Yes you can on prior notice. Refund will not be accommodated for such cancellations. If you want to cancel for more than 7 days in a month, you can extend the plan for as many days after you resume. Results may vary though, so avoid such long spans of cancellations.

  • What is the frequency of the delivery?

    It’s an everyday delivery on all 5 days of the week throughout the month. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be delivered early in the morning so that you can carry your lunch and dinner to work as needed.

  • What should I do if I feel hungry between meals?

    During the counselling session with the dietitian, you will be instructed on what you can eat and what you should avoid if you feel hungry between meals.

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