PCOD Weight Loss/Fertility

PCOD Weight Loss/Fertility

Polycyctic ovary syndrome abbreviated as PCOS (also called as Polycyctic ovary Disease abbreviated as PCOD) affects one in five women of child bearing age in the world. The term PCOS may sound like a deadly disease but in reality it is a collection of symptoms like irregular menstrual cycle, cyst in the ovary that interrupts ovulation and cause infertility in significant numbers of women.

Indeed women without any cyst but with high level of androgen, who are not overweight, can also be termed as PCOS. It is not like common cold that you can get rid of in a week’s time but like diabetes that need a lifelong life style management.

If you catch up early you can prevent serious health consequences. If you don’t you might have problems in getting pregnant or develop diabetes, cardio vascular disease and endometrial cancer.

At Wootu, our dieticians know very well on how this condition should be managed to bring about weight loss and pregnancy in women who suffer from it. While many gynaecologists turn you down stating the difficulties in getting pregnant with PCOD, we take you under our wings. Our diets mean that you lose weight and eventually get pregnant. Eating right is the only treatment here which is no RISK and less expensive.

We are so used to receiving the happy calls from the our PCOD patients asking us to change the PCOD programme to a pregnancy programme halfway through their tenure with us. While we are happy to receive their lavish compliments for getting them their most valued precious gift of their lives – their babies – the only request from us to them is, not to name their babies Wootu, coz it’s a trademark registered name.