Wootu Nutrition was founded with a single focus in mind by its founders – to educate people the importance of good nutrition. We 

at Wootu are totally against the social culture in India where people spend all their health in earning money, and later spend all their money to regain health.Expenses of medical care is so mind bashing in India that this needs to be addressed before it’s too late.. Nah.. Its already late. 

The popular belief in India is that a plump kid is healthier than a thin kid. One who eats more is good in health and the other who eats less is not so. These show that there certainly is a dearth in nutritional awareness in our society that is the diabetic capital in the world. Every second person is Obese in India and we don’t even understand that obesity is also malnutrition. Dr Preeti Raj with 14 years of experience as a nutritionist and her team of nutritionists are now spreading the awareness of good nutrition and balanced diet as a solution to the bad health in adults and life threatening medical expenses. Almost all of life style diseases like diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, cancer, PCOD can be avoided or eliminated through good nutrition. 

Let us agree that these diseases are a household name in every family in India and we are here to change that for good.The word “Wootu” means feeding in Tamil and is also a derivation of the tamil word “Woota Chathu” which means nutrition; just in case you were curious to know what the name means. Check us out and we’ll make every bite worthwhile!

What Clients Say

Our Team

Ajay Ameer

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Ajay comes from IT background with an experience of 16 years working for multiple IT giants like IBM, WIPRO, Citi Bank and Trimble to name a few. Having served in Singapore and for American and British clients, he understands the nuances of customer management from varied backgrounds. With MBA in marketing, he carries a marketing mind and rightly heads the marketing team of Wootu too. A keen interest in entrepreneurship made him a serial entrepreneur. Passionate about nutrition, is instrumental in bringing technology closer to the nutrition through his pet project Wootu Nutritechno and dreams of eliminating obesity and undernutrition in the country he loves the most, India. A public speaker, orator who has been a part of several television shows in Vijay TV and FM Channels in Chennai. He has been a part of a daily nutrition awareness show in Vendhar TV.

Preeti Raj

Chief Nutritionist & Co-Founder

With over 14 years of experience in the field of nutrition, Preethi Raj is a well known name and one of the leaders in nutrition circle in South India. She has a doctorate in Food and Nutrition. She holds an MPhil degree from Madras University, a Masters in clinical nutrition and bachelors in nutrition and dietetics from the same university. Preethi was also a professor in the clinical nutrition department in the esteemed Ethiraj College, Chennai. She started her career in the fitness industry and carries a variety of experience in both fitness and clinical nutrition, which is considered a rare combination. An ardent blog writer especially on the nutrition topics; she has also published and presented several research papers in international & national journals & conferences. She is a level II Kinanthropmetrist from ISAK, New Zealand. A guest speaker in many television and radio shows on nutrition talk shows and interviews. She is also an active member in community nutrition for school kids as part of non-profitable community nutrition programmes.

Geetha Priya

Head of Operations & Co-Founder

In a career spanning over a decade, Geetha comes with a strong base in quality assurance as her specialization. SaaS though is her strength, nutrition has been her passion. Her niche skills in Quality Assurance and knack in running the operations goes a long way in the success story of Wootu since its inception. Geetha has been a pillar of strength in bringing Wootu to the shape in which it currently is. She has been on the payrolls of many IT giants and banks in India as a Quality Auditor throughout her career. A serial entrepreneur herself, brings to the table a varied outlook of all that is nutrition in Wootu Nutrition. A BTech in Biotech from Anna University, Coimbatore gives her the much needed capacity to dig deep into the patients’ biochemical parameters. She has a MBA from Madras University. A trained artiste, her paintings decorate the walls of Wootu’s clinics.